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Sharansky's First International Branch of VESTI KPSS

Advanced Mass Media of Creative Party of Freedom of Thought

Sharansky's First International Branch of KPSS
Posting Access:
All Members
For Your and Our Freedom

Democratic KPSS Journalist Catechism

Before joining Sharansky's First International each International Scharanist should know the following:

1. Faithful Lustration agents (moderators) are always right.

2. There is no argue with Lustration agents and Huyman Eldaev allowed.

3. If Huyman and / or Lustration agents are wrong, see § 1.

4. Lustration agents list - in Community Profile.

5. All redneck scrimmage in coments between Scharanists is invalid.

6. Conscientious and human rights scrimmages are welcome.

7. More than ten lines of text must be placed under "cut" or popup window.

8. Images in post headline - no more than 720 pixels wide.

9. Posts are allowed only in Conscience Freedom Creative Party International style.

10. All handshakes posts (denunciations of human rights defenders, gays detection and other organizational issues) must be placed in Lock post only. Do not know how, ask your Lustration agent. Links in handshake posts must be inactive or shown throw u.to, clck.ru etc.

11. Sharansky's First International Branch of VESTI KPSS use only International Language.

12. For Catechism violations sanctions provided in accordance with the Security Codex (below).

So defeatЪ!